The toys that children had in the Victorian times were completely

different that today's toys.  Toys in the Victorian times were very unusual because they

did not have the material we have now. Victorian children had fewer toys than children

 have today. One toy to a poor Victorian child would mean the whole world to them at

that time. A toy at Christmas time would cost half of a weekly wages!

Therefore, their parents would have to be very wealthy and kind!  

 The Poor

Victorian poor people were completely

different to the rich. Toys that poor  children

 had were dirty and broken. Poor children’s

dolls for girls would be made out of a shoe or

even a peg and some cloth and for the boys, a

lump of wood would be a boat. On classical toy

was the a hoop and stick. It was very easy to

find and/or build it was just a stick with a

metal tyre (the metal ring around the wheel

on the horse and carriages). The object of the

game was to keep the hoop rolling by running

alongside. Sometimes if the poor families

were extremely poor then they wouldn’t have

any toys at all. So instead of having toys they

would have played hopscotch on the floor, by

drawing it with chalk 








The Rich

Rich children in those days were

 spoilt!  they had their own little room

for playing with toys, called, the

nursery. During Victorian times,

 people became fascinated by toys

that made pictures move. One of the

earliest and simplest of these was the


 This is a disc with a picture on either

side that is attached to two pieces of

string or a stick. When you spin the

 disc quickly, the two pictures appear

 to combine into one. (bottom right on

 picture). Most of the time girls played

 with doll houses or dolls! The

majority of toys is to do with dolls! If a

rich child had a wooden

rocking horse the main would be real



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